10/11/2016 Eltharia joins the Blackstar Amplification artists

We are proud to announce that Girard Jean-Yves is now a Blackstar Artist. Using the Series One 104EL34 for 5 years, he explains why it is still today his favorite amp.
> Read the story on blackstaramps.com

24/09/2016 Back from the holidays

Hey Hey!! It's time to go back to school, and for to start working again. No less than 4 shows to come for the end 2016. And the new album begins to look like something with five new songs nearly finished. The big news concerns Benjamin's endorsment with the coolest brand of clothes for drummers: Serial Drummer! More interviews to come, stay tuned!

29/06/2016 Back on the Metalgresifest !

See all the pictures taken by Didier Coste here.
> See the pics

You can also find several other pictures on our Facebook page.
> Access the page

09/02/2016 New interview, from the North

New interview to be read on the swedish webzine Battle Helm. Thank you Anders Ekdahl.
> Read the interview

11/01/2016 New review from the USA!

And we wish you all a very happy new year, full of success and happiness. It starts well for us with this review!
> Read the review

10/11/2015 Nice message from a greek relaser!

Translation : And now we deal with a band from France, that delivers symphonic power metal, gathering towards you! And they make me headbang! Oh yes, nowadays a lot of bands deliver power metal but only a few can really make you move! Strong guitars, melodic vocal lines, powerfull as hell rhythmics and an atmosphere that brings you back to the 90's when Blind Guardian was dominating the scene and Edguy was on the rise!

10/11/2015 New german review: Rock Hard 338

Eltharia is in ROCK HARD GERMANY #338, 8/10!
> Read the review (german)

13/10/2015 New german review

A new quick review from our german neighbours!
> Read the review (german)

10/09/2015 New US review

This is our 2nd review made in USA, and it is bombastic, thank you so much!
> Read the review

08/09/2015 ELTHARIA in the radio

ELTHARIA will be heard on ""Rock en Stock" from this week!
> Listen to the podcast

04/09/2015 Swedish interview

First interview for a swedish blog, tack Robew!
> Read the interview

29/08/2015 Czech review

First review from Czech Republic! 7.5/10.
> Read the review

12/08/2015 Belgium review

New belgium review, to be read in dutch.
> Read the review

30/07/2015 Greek review

Here is the first review coming from Greece. Thank you Behind the Veil, 7.5/10 !
> Read the review

28/06/2015 ELTHARIA travels to Brazil

Sometimes things happen and make your day. For us today, it is this brazilian video on Youtube that talk about ELTHARIA. Obrigado!
> See the video

26/06/2015 ELTHARIA on Radio metal sound

Eltharia will be broadcasted on Radio Metal Sound on September 7th.
> Listen to the radio online

17/06/2015 English review

Very sweet review for Innocent in the english magazine PowerPlay, thank you so much.
> PowerPlay website

> Read the review

13/05/2015 French & dutch reviews

New french and dutch reviews, thanks to Ti Rickou & Overall Loudness!
> Read the french review

> Read the dutch review (in english)

07/05/2015 Austrian review

First austrian review, thank you Stormbringer!
> Read the review

24/04/2015 Dutch review

Hey! A dutch review again, thanks Progpraat !
> Read the review

22/04/2015 Eltharia on a belgium radio

We're now broadcasted on Frequence Plus, a belgium radio. Thank you Angine from Discover Rock!
> page facebook

> Lire la chronique

> Page radio et player

17/04/2015 Reviews from France & Norway

Three new reviews, from France and for the first time from Norway ! Thank you Metaldream, Metal Norge & VS webzine!
> Read VS Webzine's review

> Read the norwegian review

> Read Metaldream's review

07/04/2015 Dutch review

First dutch review! Thanks to Lords of Metal Webzine!
> Read the dutch review

06/04/2015 On stage!

Come see us on stage and meet in Grenoble on Wednesday, May 20th!
> See the poster

06/04/2015 German review

New german review, thanks to Power Metal.de !
> Read the spanish review

03/04/2015 Spanish review

New spanish review, thank you Metalcry !
> Read the spanish review

26/03/2015 Belgium & spanish reviews

New reviews, from Belgium and Spain, thanks to Music in Belgium & Noizz Webzine!
> Read the belgium review

> Read the spanish review

13/03/2015 French review, "Metal France"

New french review, thank you Metal France!
> Read the review

12/03/2015 French review, "Pavillon 666"

New french review, thank you Pavillon 666!
> Read the french review

10/03/2015 Asian review

Wow, new review coming right from far far far East!
> Read the far far far far East review

09/03/2015 Worldwide reviews

Second pack of worldwide reviews, 2 made in France, 1 made in Deutschland, 1 made in Italia & 1 made in Spain!
> 1st french review

> 2nd french review

> German review

> Italian review

> Spanish review

11/02/2015 Worldwide reviews

This time we propose you a pack of worldwide reviews. 1 made in France, 1 made in U.S.A & 1 made in Italia. Only good comments!
> Read the french review

> US review

> Italian review

11/02/2015 Review "Chroniques de l'Ouest"

New express review, yet still very kind, for our band and our album Innocent...But in french only! Thanks to the team of "Chroniques de l'Ouest"!
> Read the french review

05/02/2015 Review "Spirit of Metal"

New french review. We continue with positive feedbacks!
> Read the french review

27/01/2015 Review "Naked Society"

Third french review for Innocent. Thancks Naked Society!
> Read the french review

22/01/2015 Review "Sons of Metal"

Here we go with the seconde french review of Innocent. So good! Thank you Sons of Metal!
> Read the french review

20/01/2015 Invading digital audio platforms

Hello and happy new year to every one! We start it gladly with the launch of Innocent on all good music platforms such as iTunes, Deezer, AmazonMP3. Just google Eltharia + nameoftheplatform and enjoy!

30/11/2014 Innocent, digital audio launch

Hey! Innocent is now available on Bandcamp! You can listen to the full songs and even buy it to support us! Bandcamp

31/10/2014 Halloween metal fest III

Very good show at the AMPERAGE last october, 31st 2014 with Ossonor, Whispering tales, Amon Sethis and Vanden Plas. Here are the two live reports we found.
> Report 1
> Report 2

31/10/2014 Innocent is OUT!

Innocent is now officially out. You can buy it on Bandcamp and very soon on all good digital platforms.

06/08/2014 Back on stage

Here we go. Eltharia is back on stage! The event will take place in Grenoble (AMPERAGE), with Amon Sethis and... VANDEN PLAS!!!, october, 31st 2014.

05/08/2014 Pre-order the new album!

Hi all! You can pre-order Innocent and download the form. Every donation enables us to get closer to the great achievment!

17/07/2014 Finally...

Hey hey hey!!! Our new album Innocent is currently being mixed and mastered! Now we need to get enough money to manufacture it and to finally release it!